Website Examples

Wondering what your website business could look like?

Here’s my first website:


It continues to be a work in progress … since I love to cook German foods. You’ll notice there are several monetary streams  … ads, affiliate links, and my own cookbooks.

This website receives great search engine traffic, because it was built using the SBI! tools.

Another way that I drive traffic to the site is through Facebook:


(Update Oct. 2017: Just looking at those numbers. Right now, it’s almost doubled at 106K … and that’s just organic increase. No ads. 🙂 

What if you’re planning on a website for a ministry such as a church? 

Here’s another one of my websites:

This also gets great traffic through the search engines. Can’t read it? That’s because it’s in German … SBI! works with foreign languages!

I use Facebook to drive traffic to the website as well:


The photo above is from Oct. 30, 2015 with 25,000 fans. On Apr. 29, 2016, only 1/2 year later, there are over 70,000 fans! And today, October 18, 2016, we’re sitting over 139,000!!!

Update October 31,2017: One year later, and we’re at 206+K. I’ve have also started a Portuguese page, A Palavra de Deus, that’s already got 2+K fans in just a couple of months … no ads there either.

(You’ll also notice that both of the above sites have had changes in branding. I have connections with a great graphic designer, Mike, who created logos for both. This has been so important for moving my brands forward.)

If you have a church, check out its Facebook fan following and see how this compares.

You’ll see that this is also in German, so it’s reach is more limited than it would be if it were in English. Yet, I’ve learned how to increase the fan base and it’s increasing daily as well.

Your Website

The above websites are just two examples of how your website could look and act. When they are built properly, the search engines find them and show them in the search results. That’s how your prospective customers will find you.

With almost 1 billion websites, unless your website is built properly, the search engines won’t find it. If you end up on page 100 of the search results, your prospective customers won’t find you.

Both of the above sites are usually within the first 3 pages of the search results for their keyword (“german recipes” and “gottes wort”) … usually on the 1st page! … and not just the websites, but their Facebook pages as well!

Facebook is a great social tool to help drive traffic … if it’s done right. It helps you interact … form relationships with your customers that a website can’t … and leads your customers right to your website where the money is made.

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