E-Commerce Website?

Looking to set up an E-commerce Website? At first, using WordPress seems like an easy thing. But, once you start adding the e-commerce stuff, things start to get just a bit complicated. Well, actually, a whole lot complicated. Some plugins just don’t work with some themes, but which ones. And, which ones will work and how will they work.

So much to  think about. Payment processors. Sliders. SEO. Layout.

This is a new service I’m offering as well. Let me know what it is you’re thinking about and I’ll give you a time frame and a pricing structure.

Do take a look at my e-commerce store: Just like Oma Store. I’ve connected it to my website, just with a link and get traffic to it from there. However, most traffic comes from Social Media and my email list.

When an E-commerce Website is connected with Social Media and your email list … you’re on your way to success!

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